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Feature & amenities

The Tree House is a concept project that retains its beautiful character true to its name. This property is surrounded by trees planted over four decades ago. This space is renowned for its lush greenery.

Therefore, the InnStar team has gone too far lengths to make sure that this greenery sustains.


Designed by Architect Mustafa Khalid Palash, this iconic building is a testament towards premium contemporary housing. Upholding the tree house theme, the building is surrounded with aged green space and the building finishing and furnishing compliments it.


Tall doorways
Our custom made tall doorways are created to give a feeling of grandness. Teak never looked this good!
Luxury foyer
The space that connects the common area to the privacy of an individual unit is spacious and welcoming.
Double glazed low E glass
A premium choice for a premium project, maximum security and minimal heat make this option a winner.
Painting and Polishing
Plastic paint all over. French polished door frame and shutters. Exterior wall is weather coated.
Firefighting System
High speed fire hose on every floor, with high velocity pump. Additional individual portable fire extinguishers is provided on every floor.


Plot : 50, Road : 23, Banani