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RIVA CWN 16A, Road 48, Gulshan-2, Dhaka Explore
Tree House Plot : 50, Road : 23, Banani Explore
Khelaghor Plot: New-70 (old-770), Dhanmondi Explore
Number 20 Plot : 20, Road : 56, Gulshan 2 Explore
SPACE APARTMENTS Gulshan 2, Dhaka Explore
Serene Plot : 9, Road : 4, Baridhara Explore
View 5 Plot : 5, Road : 2, Gulshan Explore
Metropolis 8 Plot : 8, Road : 96, Gulshan 2 Explore
9 ON FIFTY FIVE Plot : 9, Block : NW (F), Road : 55, Gulshan 2 Explore


InnStar Limited is a high end real estate and construction company in Bangladesh. We see things holistically, backed by years of experience.

Our approach is always innovative, mainly focusing a lot on the design, inspired by current sustainable trends. Consistently working with the best available resources has habituated us with the “high-end” and enables us to mold the perfect products. We shy away from mediocrity – even if that means doing things over and over.

Providing clients a complete product with no loose-ends for years to come is our end goal.

Finally, when clients experience our product, they refer it to their friends and families.

If not now,
If not us,

Dream Design

Not just an apartment!

Your home deserves delicate interior design to cater the spirit of the rooms.

InnStar provides you now, the complete solution to interior design and the mind-blowing furniture set-ups, sourced only from the trusted international brands.

If you are interested in the InnStar Standard Total Solution, say Yes to our first consultation session!


Stop worrying!

Now, you can get all apartment facilities management services under one roof. We will remove your pain, and ensure seamless operations of your apartment. Things will be so smooth that you won't even notice!

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‚ÄčInnStar always seeks to find the best locations. It is the location and the environment that surrounds our locations that peak the initial interest of all our clients.