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Feature & amenities

The project features and amenities are quintessential.

We make sure the sublime feeling of contemporary living, living that is only available by the mastery of new luxury.


The Number 20 apartments rests on the corner plot between road 59 & 56 in Gulshan 2. Each floor will compromise of one apartment, enabling residents to have full privacy when entering or leaving their unit. Each unit has multiple balconies thus taking advantage of the corner plot and enabling residents with ample natural light and fresh air. The minimal yet plush design compromising of fair face concrete, tiles, and double glazed glass is a testament towards our aim to develop projects that are cost effective to the end user by using modern technologies, materials, and methods. Owning a residence in this building isn't just owning an apartment in Gulshan. Instead, its creating a standard of its own that sets itself apart.


The building is situated on the edge of two fifty-five inch wide roads; one at the north while the other at the east. To take the advantages of the open space such as the park, lake; most of the bedrooms along with the family space and the formal living area are exposed towards the north and the east, placing the master bedroom at the south-east zone.

On the other hand, the services such as kitchen, lift lobby are zoned at the west. Considering the strengths and the opportunities provided by the site, lavish deep verandahs are being introduced facing the wide open roads around, creating broad vistas.



Plot - 20, Road - 56, Gulshan 2