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Feature & amenities

The project features and amenities are quintessential.

We make sure the sublime feeling of contemporary living, living that is only available by the mastery of new luxury.


With the bliss of modern architecture and engineering, the interior of View 5 will assure you, arresting luxury of the project.

We have installed the state-of-the-art features and amenities to bring the best of the soul of the rooms. Also, for the aesthetic bit of the project, we have assigned the professionals to do the job.

As we are pledged bound to create new luxury,  View 5 will be an epitome of the promises.


A concept high line project that distances itself from the rest. Built on the foundations of timeless design, with an array of features and amenities, this is an investment-grade property that has been the talk of the architectural society.

View 5 provides you with the placid views of modern living that have never been seen (or experienced) in the neighborhood.


Plot : 5, Road : 2, Gulshan